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Fernando Torres: “Lay off Rafa Benitez is not a solution of Liverpool”

The Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has defended the work of his coach, Rafa Benitez, and indicated that “fire” would not be the “solution” to the team’s problems.

“The coach is not playing, so we must be positive toward him, trying to work with him. We are the main reason (for the bad season),” he said, players are the people who must find a solution to the situation . The coach is not playing and we must play much better. ”

The Spanish striker has also warned that it seems unlikely that reinforcements will arrive to the template “network” in the winter market, given the state of the finances of the English club.
“Obviously, we need players. If we can bring good players would be very positive for us, but I think the situation is very difficult because I do not have the money to make these signings,” said the British media player.

Madrid striker agreed that the situation is “difficult” but recalls that “all the major teams in the world going through bad situations.” “And like all great teams, Liverpool will overcome this situation. I have confidence both in myself and in my template. I know that we are good enough. Last week we played very well with the same team,” he said.

Torres believes the Reds must “recover the mentality and confidence” in himself and “everything will be different.”

Rafa Benítez blames the bad situation at Liverpool’s Torres and Gerrard low

Rafael Benitez, manager of Liverpool, justified the competitive instability that has suffered in the course computer to the continuing absence of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool, distanced from the struggle for the Premiership title, which dominates the Chelsea, and anchored in eighth place in the standings, seeks return on the next sessions to find their bearings in the table.

“Gerrard and Torres have been included in the best team of the year, released by FIFA this week. That shows the level they have and what they can produce the equipment. But when they are not entirely to your level is unlikely to have performance expected, “said Benitez.

Benitez believes his team can recover

Torres spent five weeks sidelined because of a groin muscle injury. His absence coincided with that of Steven Gerrard. Liverpool have been let down by the leadership and dismounted from the Champions League.

Benitez is considered capable of recovering the pulse competitive team that has won only one of its last five games in the coming commitments. “Restoring confidence is my responsibility,” he said.

The English club competition will resume Saturday with the match against Wolverhampton at the end of the first round of the English League.

Fernando Torres was successfully operated

MADRID – Spanish striker Fernando Torres, who played for Liverpool, has been involved in Barcelona this sábadp a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee, with the outcome, according to EFE reported sources close to the player.

Fernando Torres, who arrived Friday in Barcelona and the same Friday held at the Chiron Clinic medical evidence prior to his intervention, he underwent an arthroscopy on Saturday by the doctor Ramon Cugat, which lasted for about three quarters of hour.

Both doctors who perform the procedure on his right knee as the player himself, have been satisfied with the outcome of arthroscopy, in which he has made a sort of scraping the lateral meniscus.

Fernando Torres was injured on Wednesday, at twenty minutes after the onset of the FA Cup match which pitted Liverpool against Reading, which resulted in the elimination of his team, who also directs the Spanish coach Rafael Benitez.

Player is expected to stay a few days at the clinic in Barcelona, then move to Liverpool, where he will recover.

Is estimated at about six weeks period will be without Fernando Torres to play.

Torres will be sidelined for five weeks

MADRID – Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s Spanish international striker will be five week low, after the English club confirm that the medical evidence to be submitted last night after being injured in the FA Cup against Reading, reveal that has damaged the cartilage in his right knee.

Fernando Torres season is again cut short by injury. Just an uncomfortable pubalgia overcome, “El Nino” has damaged his knee and will miss the next month and a half.

Torres was off injured last night’s game against Reading in FA Cup, in which Liverpool was eliminated after receiving a blow on the knee in the 29th minute.

Growing Pains for a bad time in Liverpool, seventh in the league and eliminated from the FA Cup for a second set of English, in a match that was costly to make three important players injuries.

Liverpool lost their leading scorer, captain Steven Gerrard, who have to stop fifteen days for a bruised hamstring, and also to Yossi Benayoun, who fractured a rib and will be sidelined for a month.

For Torres, Reina is the best

LONDON – Spanish international Fernando Torres, Liverpool have no doubt when he says his staff and fellow countryman, the keeper Pepe Reina, is “the best goalkeeper in the world.”

In statements made by “El Niño” to the official website of the Anfield club, he praises the talent of the goalkeeper of the template that directs the Madrid Rafa Benitez.

“As always, is making a great season. For me, right now he is the best goalkeeper in the world,” says Torres to this website.

The former Atletico Madrid and their coach remembers a talisman that “in Spain, everybody knows that (Reina) is a great goalkeeper and England there is no doubt that is the best.”

“It takes a very great level playing since joining Liverpool and has won many gold gloves, and hopefully win more this season,” said Torres.

In addition, striker believes that his teammate plays a key role in training “network”.

“Pepe is one of the most important players in the locker room. After Steven (Gerrard) and Carra (Jamie Carragher), I think he is the most important. He’s always happy and not just within the field, but also in changing” notes the Spanish.

“When you see Pepe, always happy and trying to be positive.’s A very good professional,” he says.

On the other hand, and jokingly, Torres also said that when they played in Spain, he always managed to score goals against Queen and so does, say, during practice on Liverpool.

“I always mark against him when we play in Spain. Goalkeeping was one of my favorites! We always laugh with it,” he said.