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Fernando Torres: “Lay off Rafa Benitez is not a solution of Liverpool”

The Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has defended the work of his coach, Rafa Benitez, and indicated that “fire” would not be the “solution” to the team’s problems.

“The coach is not playing, so we must be positive toward him, trying to work with him. We are the main reason (for the bad season),” he said, players are the people who must find a solution to the situation . The coach is not playing and we must play much better. ”

The Spanish striker has also warned that it seems unlikely that reinforcements will arrive to the template “network” in the winter market, given the state of the finances of the English club.
“Obviously, we need players. If we can bring good players would be very positive for us, but I think the situation is very difficult because I do not have the money to make these signings,” said the British media player.

Madrid striker agreed that the situation is “difficult” but recalls that “all the major teams in the world going through bad situations.” “And like all great teams, Liverpool will overcome this situation. I have confidence both in myself and in my template. I know that we are good enough. Last week we played very well with the same team,” he said.

Torres believes the Reds must “recover the mentality and confidence” in himself and “everything will be different.”

Rafa Benítez blames the bad situation at Liverpool’s Torres and Gerrard low

Rafael Benitez, manager of Liverpool, justified the competitive instability that has suffered in the course computer to the continuing absence of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool, distanced from the struggle for the Premiership title, which dominates the Chelsea, and anchored in eighth place in the standings, seeks return on the next sessions to find their bearings in the table.

“Gerrard and Torres have been included in the best team of the year, released by FIFA this week. That shows the level they have and what they can produce the equipment. But when they are not entirely to your level is unlikely to have performance expected, “said Benitez.

Benitez believes his team can recover

Torres spent five weeks sidelined because of a groin muscle injury. His absence coincided with that of Steven Gerrard. Liverpool have been let down by the leadership and dismounted from the Champions League.

Benitez is considered capable of recovering the pulse competitive team that has won only one of its last five games in the coming commitments. “Restoring confidence is my responsibility,” he said.

The English club competition will resume Saturday with the match against Wolverhampton at the end of the first round of the English League.

Liverpool: “We wanted players with character and a winning mentality,” Benitez said on Maxi

All Liverpool celebrates the arrival of Maxi Rodriguez, and especially the manager Rafa Benitez, who has been able to achieve what seemed impossible that the Reds pick up an international class player without paying a single euro in respect of the transfer. So have.

Maxi, who comes to Anfield after being on a free transfer from Atletico Madrid, “is a player that can that guarantee from five to fifteen goals a season as midfielder,” said Benitez told Liverpool’s official website.

“He can play right on the left or as a second striker. Get to the counter area and is a good finisher moves. We were looking for players with character and a winning mentality. With Maxi I have,” said Spanish coach.

With regard to performance rather discreet Argentine player in recent months in Spain, Benitez said there is not much to worry about. Coach knows that what he needed the Beast was a change of scenery, new stimuli. Of course that will in England.

“I know I was not doing as good as ever at Atletico, but he was doing well with the Argentina national team. And he wants to impress everyone for the World Cup 2010,” he said Rafa.

How will the adaptation of new signing?. Benitez believes that will accommodate “very quick to England because it is a very smart player and knows very well take positions in the field of play.”

“It will only be a matter of conforming to the passes, and you may need some time. But with these players next to him sure everything will be easier for him. ..” Concluded Brown.

What is the role of the Beast? Rafa says will bring “a different game” the team, and they will come “to compete with Dirk Kuyt on the right hand band, in addition to Nabil El Zhar and Yossi Benayoun.

“We give you the opportunity to switch to other players and give them rest if needed, to improve the level of the whole team,” said new coach eventually.

Rafa Benitez Liverpool denies interest in Van Nistelrooy and Van der Vaart

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has emphatically denied the English club’s intention of signing Real Madrid’s Netherlands striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy on the winter market.

“We’re not talking about players,” Benitez told the club’s website after last Saturday, the British newspaper The Sun published Benitez’s interest in signing the Netherlands Van Nistelrooy and Rafael van der Vaart.

But the coach admitted he is moving to find backup and said he has had some good conversations, “though its priority is to talk to their own players.

It is believed to be in the final stages of negotiation with Maxi Rodriguez, Atletico Madrid, and takes the spotlight Greek Torosidis Vasil.

Van Nistelrooy, the former Manchester United idol, ends his contract with Spanish club at the end of the season and, according to “The Sun”, the only detail that remained would be Liverpool or Madrid would pay the fees of some 158,000 euros the week that sees the player.

Benitez apologized for bad season

LONDON – Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez called Friday apologized to fans of the club for the poor run of play and team results, which on Wednesday was eliminated from the FA Cup by second division (Reading) and is seventh in the Premiership table, away from the posts of Champions.

Spanish coach appeared before the press and read a letter he brought to state that “we’re not playing well and everyone here feels for our fans.

In his line of not lower his arms despite the poor performance, Benitez believes that “things can change in football” and said “we are confident we can improve, starting with the match against Stoke on Saturday.

Eliminated in the preliminary stage of the UEFA Champions League and out of the FA Cup, a tournament of great prestige in England, the main objective of the Reds at the moment is to finish among the top four teams in the league, a goal that Benitez believes the hand despite the bad image that is giving your computer.

In the absence of 18 days, Liverpool is seventh in the standings, five points behind fourth-placed Manchester City, Chelsea, 10, who leads the standings of the Premier.

The team has been very uneven in their play and has been plagued by injuries, the latest from Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, the spine of the team, which will be a few weeks in dry dock after being injured in the final match of Copa .

The elimination at home (1-2) against Reading, a team struggling in the lower area of the English second division, has filled the patience of fans among some sectors and among former players, who have spoken in favor of the motion Benitez.

Never before has there been such opposition against the Spanish, who joined the team in 2004 and has since managed the Reds to the Champions and FA Cup.

In his appearance before the media, Benitez admitted that “this is the wrong time” and said the possibility of improving involves “win on the field, something that will come if it continues to train well.

Asked about his future on the sidelines of Anfield Road, said: “If I was worried about his status for the club’s future at this point, lose my concentration.” Stoke is the most important game now and we have to prepare well. ”

“I can not be worried about other things. My future is now the Stoke” he said.

“Things are not going well, we know, but if I lose time talking about all these things all the time, I will lose my concentration and will become worse. I do not need guarantees of anything. I promise that I am preparing for the next game , and the football things can change in a week, “he added.

In addition, Benitez faces the difficulty of improving the squad in the midst of economic problems and while the club’s American owners seek 100 million pounds ($ 163 million) from new investors.

The need for new players was reflected on Wednesday. After the joy over the signing of Argentine Maxi Rodriguez, Liverpool suffered injuries to Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard and Yossi Benayoun in the defeat against Reading in the second division for the FA Cup.

Torres will have surgery on his right knee and will be sidelined for six weeks.

Babel is a player that Liverpool is willing to sell. 23 year old Dutchman wrote in his Twitter account that “the boss put me out of the call. Without explanation.

After news leaked that Babel had not been summoned Benitez complained in a press conference that it is “impossible to avoid people talking, it’s not like before.”

“It’s more than just football,” Benitez said. “There are agents, money, television, radio and Internet, and everybody wants to talk, they all have Twitter or something like that.”

About an hour after the conference Benitez Babel returned to writing on Twitter to complain about the lack of play.

“What happened after a good first season,” he asked the player. “I scored 10 goals, was the young talent of the year, and do not play anything after the second season?”.

Meanwhile, Benitez does his best to save Liverpool’s miserable season and retain the support of the owners.

Some British news media have published in recent days that the only reason that the former Valencia coach remains on the sidelines of Anfield is because, by extending his contract for five years, signed last season, say goodbye Liverpool would cost 22 million euros.