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Fernando Torres was successfully operated

MADRID – Spanish striker Fernando Torres, who played for Liverpool, has been involved in Barcelona this s√°badp a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee, with the outcome, according to EFE reported sources close to the player.

Fernando Torres, who arrived Friday in Barcelona and the same Friday held at the Chiron Clinic medical evidence prior to his intervention, he underwent an arthroscopy on Saturday by the doctor Ramon Cugat, which lasted for about three quarters of hour.

Both doctors who perform the procedure on his right knee as the player himself, have been satisfied with the outcome of arthroscopy, in which he has made a sort of scraping the lateral meniscus.

Fernando Torres was injured on Wednesday, at twenty minutes after the onset of the FA Cup match which pitted Liverpool against Reading, which resulted in the elimination of his team, who also directs the Spanish coach Rafael Benitez.

Player is expected to stay a few days at the clinic in Barcelona, then move to Liverpool, where he will recover.

Is estimated at about six weeks period will be without Fernando Torres to play.