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Torres wants more records in Liverpool

LONDON – Spanish striker Fernando Torres, Liverpool want to add more records with the jersey network in the coming years, after signing league with 50 goals faster than any other player in the history of this club.

The winning goal scored at Villa Park against Aston Villa El Nino accounted for 50 who signed both the Spanish international in 72 interventions for this team.

That record by eight games than those who had Sam Raybould and Albert Stubbins to date.

Madrid striker believes this feat one of the proudest moments in his career and hopes to be the first of many with this club.

“For me it’s incredible because Liverpool is a small club, is one of the most important and historical world,” said the player to Anfield website.

Thompson recalled that all players who have worn this shirt, “records are enormous.”

“Now I am in front of them and for me it is the most important things I’ve done throughout my career,” he said.

“I continue to set records to be always in the minds of people. I do my job and I want to keep doing that people are happy,” said the striker.

Despite injuries that have hampered the international trajectory, Torres has signed 12 goals so far this season.

Asked whether a goal has been raised as to the number of goals, players of 25 years, said it intends to make “as many as you need to get the club to fourth place in the league and to win the Cup.”

“I never say a number of goals but I always want to score more than they did last season. Hopefully this is not complicated because only scored 17 the previous season after all the injuries,” he said.

El NiƱo Torres works at Liverpool extra

Fernando Torres believes that now is returning to fitness, because he does overtime to help the reroute Liverpool’s season.

Liverpool have struggled in the league and also was eliminated in the group stage of UEFA Champions League and have been hampered by injuries to key stars like Torres and Steven Gerrard.

However, both players have returned to action in recent weeks and, while Torres has looked below the aptitude, sometimes, the former Atletico Madrid striker is convinced that finally is overcoming the effects of injury the groin, that kept him out of six games in November and December.

“I’m fine now,” he said. “Much better than a couple of months ago. I have to keep working three, four or five hours more than the rest of the squad because I have to keep the recovery for the rest of the season.”

“One of the reasons that I am working very hard, it’s because I know that in this situation, each player Liverpool need is ready. It is a difficult time, but worth it if I want to play. I do normal training session with my teammates, but before and after the treatment I have to do exercises and gym work so my leg is strong enough. ”

“We’re doing a good job and I feel nothing wrong with my leg. I have been able to play 90 minutes in the last four games, so I’m very happy with the progression. Maybe I’ll have to do all season.”

He added: “It’s frustrating because I’ve never been injured before, not at Atletico and only a small one in my first season here. The last two seasons has been the first time I’ve had consecutive lesions.

“Whenever the computer is not the best time is frustrating if you can not help his teammates. It is very difficult to watch the matches from the stands.”

“I’m not old, but I’m not so young, so I have to watch with extra work. I know I have to work harder to play three games a week until the end of my career. I need to work harder than before.”

Torres is excited about winning the FA Cup

LONDON – In what so far is still a disappointing campaign for Liverpool, the Spanish international Fernando Torres remains hopeful and believes that the club manager Rafa Benitez can still improve on last season.

The international striker refuses to be pessimistic and says the Reds already eliminated from UEFA Champions League and seventh league, rallied before the end of the national competition, where he hopes to finish between the top four.

Thompson talks about the possibility that Liverpool win the FA Cup

“I remember seeing the FA Cup final of 2006 when Liverpool was playing for West Ham, which was a great game. Pepe, Carra, Stevie and I have told all of the meeting,” said the player to the weekly magazine club LFC.

“In this country, the Cup is the most important trophy after the League. If you win, you play in the Community Shield. Winning gives you the chance to access more titles and that should always be our goal,” he said.

The player reiterated the desire of Liverpool finished the tournament in the top four. ”

“If we could, and we won the Cup, would be the best time in the last three or four years. I know that last year finished second in the Premiership, but to win something and finish in the top four would be even better,” he said.