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Liverpool: “We wanted players with character and a winning mentality,” Benitez said on Maxi

All Liverpool celebrates the arrival of Maxi Rodriguez, and especially the manager Rafa Benitez, who has been able to achieve what seemed impossible that the Reds pick up an international class player without paying a single euro in respect of the transfer. So have.

Maxi, who comes to Anfield after being on a free transfer from Atletico Madrid, “is a player that can that guarantee from five to fifteen goals a season as midfielder,” said Benitez told Liverpool’s official website.

“He can play right on the left or as a second striker. Get to the counter area and is a good finisher moves. We were looking for players with character and a winning mentality. With Maxi I have,” said Spanish coach.

With regard to performance rather discreet Argentine player in recent months in Spain, Benitez said there is not much to worry about. Coach knows that what he needed the Beast was a change of scenery, new stimuli. Of course that will in England.

“I know I was not doing as good as ever at Atletico, but he was doing well with the Argentina national team. And he wants to impress everyone for the World Cup 2010,” he said Rafa.

How will the adaptation of new signing?. Benitez believes that will accommodate “very quick to England because it is a very smart player and knows very well take positions in the field of play.”

“It will only be a matter of conforming to the passes, and you may need some time. But with these players next to him sure everything will be easier for him. ..” Concluded Brown.

What is the role of the Beast? Rafa says will bring “a different game” the team, and they will come “to compete with Dirk Kuyt on the right hand band, in addition to Nabil El Zhar and Yossi Benayoun.

“We give you the opportunity to switch to other players and give them rest if needed, to improve the level of the whole team,” said new coach eventually.

Maxi emotional farewell Atletico

MADRID – The Argentinian Maxi Rodriguez, Liverpool midfielder was dismissed from Atletico Madrid with tears even prevented her from speaking at several points in a very emotional press conference, which stressed that they pass through the Atletico have been the “best years” of his career.

The Argentine will be the first signing of Liverpool
The player, accompanied by his wife, daughter and Enrique Cerezo, Atletico president, among others, was excited throughout the event at the VIP room of the Vicente Calderon in a video with images of his nearly five years of entity, in which officers played 155 games and scored 44 goals, broke his tears.

It was a refresher for their moments in the club, with images of his career, his presentation in the summer of 2005 as a new player Red and white, his recovery from serious knee injury suffered in October 2007, his goal celebration, with the cuff Captain and day to day training with Atletico.

An emotional video before taking the floor. He could not speak with emotion, his eyes filled with tears. “First, I want to thank Henry, everyone … It is very difficult to speak. I think I spent years very nice,” he said, his voice quivering Maxi before that it was impossible to keep talking.

The midfielder, who received the shirt of Atletico, with the number eleven and its name, the words returned minutes later. “They are very nice feeling. Many years, I believe the best of my career. Since I’ve always been treated like home, as in Argentina,” he recalled.

“Words of thanks to Henry (Cherry) and Michelangelo (Gil Marin), who were the two people who trusted me in my game and in human quality above all. And you always tried to do my best, leaving things right or wrong, but he was always available to both the club and my teammates and all the coaches I had. I learned a lot from everybody, “he continued.

“This is my house. I’m grateful to everyone, with all people, not just the president or Michelangelo, Emilio Gutierrez (communications director for the club), which was always the side with the people at the foundation with all the world … really happy with everyone, “he added.

The parting was difficult for Maxi, “because they were many years.” “It was like home. I have always treated very well in good times and bad. And above all, what you’ll miss is the human quality. That’s very nice. Hopefully it can return to live in another club but will be very difficult, “he assessed.

In his nearly five years at Atletico, which was a very important player for the team, Maxi went through his best and worst moments in the club: “The best? All. Some more than others. I was always under the command club coach, my teammates, always tried my best I knew, bring that experience and desire. And then the worst was the theme of the injury, but I think that was what made me stronger ” .

The midfielder admitted he was “very difficult” to make the decision to leave Atletico. “But I’ve always liked challenges. And this was a new experience. Everything is not always passes through the record, but also quality of life, learn another language, another culture …”, he said.

“They’re maybe the last few years as a professional being in Europe. I wanted to take this new experience to grasp it and see another league. I hope I do well, to enjoy to the fullest and try to give the same performance that I gave here at Atletico” he said.

When his new team, Liverpool, he could face Atletico in upcoming rounds of the League Europe. “They will be feeling very rare. One can hope to meet again, but in this case I prefer not to confront and try to avoid it,” he concluded.

CHERRY: “MAXI has left a mark on the Athletes”
MADRID – Enrique Cerezo, Atletico Madrid’s president, said that the Argentine Maxi Rodriguez has meant “a lot” for Atletico, which “has made a mark”, in which his commitment was “total” and the that has proven to be a player “magnificent” in his nearly five years at the institution in Madrid.

The maximum athletic representative accompanied the football player today in his farewell press conference held at the Vicente Calderon, a very exciting event for the midfielder, with spoke with tears in his eyes. “What we feel Maxi by Atletico Madrid is very clear I think,” said Cerezo.

“What they deserve is to have everyone in a good memory. It was a great player and will be a great player at Liverpool. This is your home, your home and will we ever be with him. And now, for two reasons we will all be Liverpool.’s emotion is more than enough to say goodbye to all athletes, “he said.

“The farewell is a time that is part of the lives of the players. All down an exclusive link with his club, but after a while can make the decision to move to another place to get new challenges with other teams. It is lytic and natural fact that, however, it remains full of many emotions shared by all the time, “he said.

“Maxi has meant so much to this entity. Our paths separate, but football has a lot of memory and the memory is always, because there are players as well as for Maxi, who leave their mark with their peers, people in the club and the thousands of fans who feel the colors of our shirts, “he continued.

“It was one of the important players in the recent history of athletics. A strong player, whose tenacity and passion has enabled us to achieve important goals. Wanted me to be among the largest and compete with the big teams in Europe and Maxi us helped achieve this. We had to fight a lot, but finally had the chance to see grow to Atletico Madrid, “he said.

Cerezo said that “a nickname often is the most effective way to express in one word the characteristics that best define a person.” “Maxi is known as the Beast, a name given to them since childhood by the strength and drive he showed since he took his first steps into the world of football,” he recalled.

“Never separate the nickname because it has never lost the force and the thrust every time he has stepped into a pitch. Your character and your ability to sacrifice allowed you to success and also face difficult times, as the lesion you suffered in your second season at Atletico Madrid “, reviewed.

“It was a very long and very hard, but pass the test. Did you feel back to football and you did it. Your fighting spirit will always be a great example for us all. Your great delivery, both outside and inside the field, in all club activities in which you participated, you have a player of great courage and solidarity that also honors you, “he added.

In addition, Cherry noted that the “compromise” with Atletico midfielder has been “total”. “And led you to be captain of Atletico Madrid for two seasons, picking up the baton from Fernando Torres. Now, as he’ll play in Liverpool. On behalf of the club and all the fans, thank you so you have given Atletico Madrid, which remains in your house forever. I wish you well in your new team, “he said.

“The friendship with all the fans of Atletico is always with you,” concluded the president, who subsequently handed Maxi its red and white team shirt with the number eleven and his name, who brought in his nearly five years at the club, in which officers played 155 games and scored 44 goals.

Rafa Benitez praises Maxi Rodriguez

LONDON – Rafael Benitez, Liverpool manager said that Argentina’s Maxi Rodriguez, new player on his team, has all the attributes necessary to succeed in the Premier League and that is a footballer “a matter” which is he looking for the Anfield club.

“We were looking for players with character and a good mentality. And Maxi is a player with personality,” said Spanish coach at Liverpool’s website.

In the view of Madrid, Maxi “can play in three positions-by the right, left or as a second striker,” and considers it “someone with a very positive mindset, which is what the club is looking for.

“(Maxi) feels comfortable with the ball, passes well and can keep possession. Arrives well in your opponent, score goals and is a good finisher. Each year marks between five and fifteen goals from the right side of midfield” he said.

Benitez admitted that Maxi “was not doing as well as it did in the past at Atletico Madrid,” but added that he “is doing very well with Argentina and want to impress to be in the World Cup.

In addition, the Liverpool manager said that Maxi will be an asset to meet his compatriot Javier Mascherano, mate selection, and the Spanish Fernando Torres, who agreed with Atletico Madrid.

“I think we will adapt to English football because it’s a very smart player and knows how to put on the field. It’s a matter of adjusting the pace of the game and need some time, but with those players (Mascherano and Torres) it will be easier for him” he said.

Benitez added: “I’ve been talking with him and is very happy to come here. I have told him what we expect of him and he is ready for the challenge.”