Torres is excited about winning the FA Cup

LONDON – In what so far is still a disappointing campaign for Liverpool, the Spanish international Fernando Torres remains hopeful and believes that the club manager Rafa Benitez can still improve on last season.

The international striker refuses to be pessimistic and says the Reds already eliminated from UEFA Champions League and seventh league, rallied before the end of the national competition, where he hopes to finish between the top four.

Thompson talks about the possibility that Liverpool win the FA Cup

“I remember seeing the FA Cup final of 2006 when Liverpool was playing for West Ham, which was a great game. Pepe, Carra, Stevie and I have told all of the meeting,” said the player to the weekly magazine club LFC.

“In this country, the Cup is the most important trophy after the League. If you win, you play in the Community Shield. Winning gives you the chance to access more titles and that should always be our goal,” he said.

The player reiterated the desire of Liverpool finished the tournament in the top four. ”

“If we could, and we won the Cup, would be the best time in the last three or four years. I know that last year finished second in the Premiership, but to win something and finish in the top four would be even better,” he said.

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