Premier: The nightmare of Liverpool writes another chapter (1-1)

Stoke City v Liverpool (1-1)

The curse came back to whip Rafa Benitez and Liverpool. It is shameful that after the elimination in the FA Cup against Reading, the Anfield side urgently needed a victory that could calm things down.

Then, when it seemed that the triumph Network (without their star players Gerrard and Torres) could find some oxygen, the figure of Huth to score the equalizer in injury time and improve the crisis facing one of the greats the Premier.

The absence of Gerrard and Torres were presented as a complication to the crash, while the appearance of Maxi Rodriguez on the bench represent the illusion of perceiving the winds of change in the Network team

Liverpool facing the clash against Stoke with a heavy pack of pressure for a win. There is still half a season, but the team managed by Rafa Benitez must find the regularity immediately if they want to qualify for any European competition over the next year.

Therefore, the nerves and the inaccuracies were present in the opening minutes of the meeting. Liverpool newly found mastery of the ball after 15 minutes, after Reina saved him on occasion and the same goalkeeper almost stay in ridiculous, after a strong throw from Delap.

Tony Pulis had to make two emergency amendments physical discomfort and Faye Delap, while the referee ignored a clear penalty on Luke, when he reached the half hour.

However, opening the scoring came in just after 12 minutes of complement. Fabio Aurelio gave a closed facility to the heart of the small and Greek Kyrgiakos applied all his energy to break the resistance of the keeper Sorensen.

So the Liverpool tried to keep peace in their game and turned to look after the important advantage on the scoreboard, with a mission to get the three points, regardless of the creative quality in their game.

But ghosts Reds flew over the Britannia Stadium in the final stages and punishment Liverpool was present. Salif Diao was raised in the area and attended rival head-to Huth, who only had to push the ball into the net, almost below the net.

Besides, the network malaria continued until the end when Dirk Kuyt smashed a shot at the pole in the fifth minute of injury time.

So, Liverpool has found a new form of frustration and Rafa Benitez sea sailing too cloudy.

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