Liverpool can make top four, says Steve Clarke

STEVE CLARKE has told Brendan Rodgers: If you challenge for the top four…
it’s down to ME!

West Brom boss Clarke was axed as Liverpool No2 over the summer.

But the Scot insists the Reds were on the up when he was ditched with ex-boss
Kenny Dalglish.

Clarke said: “Kenny and I were pretty sure with the group of players we had,
Liverpool would be in the top four this season.”

The new Baggies boss starts his regime with Liverpool’s visit to the Hawthorns

But Clarke says he does not hold a grudge against the men who booted him out.

He added: “I’ve got no grievance whatsoever with Liverpool.

“I had a fantastic time there and obviously after Saturday I’ll wish them well
for the season.

“It’s a big game for me because it’s my first in charge of West Bromwich

“It wouldn’t matter who the opposition is, it would still be just as big a

Clarke worked with Rodgers at Chelsea when the Ulster boss was learning the
ropes as a youth team coach.

And he revealed: “I had a chat with Brendan after Kenny had left Liverpool.

FORMER Kop No2 wishes old club well – after his West Brom side take them on in season opener

“I was still there at first — I didn’t go at the same time as Kenny contrary
to a lot of press opinion.

“I spoke to Brendan, he said he was one of the candidates.

“At the time he told me ‘don’t walk away, don’t do anything silly because
maybe we can work together’.

“From there Brendan pulled out of the race, then he came back in — whatever
happened, he got the job.

“I wish him good luck and we are still good friends. We speak a lot but not
too much before this match.

“I actually got sacked by Liverpool. After they took Brendan in they must have
decided to rejig the whole staff. That is part and parcel of football.”

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