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Benayound extends

The Israeli signed a new contract at Anfield on four years, after romours with Chelsea switch.

According to Israeli media reports, Yossi Benayoun has extended his contract with Liverpool FC for four more years. The 30-year-old played a strong season at Anfield and moved to Chelsea in the interest of itself, but the midfielder apparently decided to remain with the Reds.

Four more years in Liverpool

Chelsea had recently confirmed that Joe Cole will leave the club and not a few had speculated that Benayoun could fill the vacant position, but, as Sport 5 reported that extended his expiring contract in a month in Liverpool at just four years. Here the player had already confirmed the interest from Chelsea, “Ancelotti wants me for the next season and now all depends on Liverpool.”

Change seemed to fix

At that time, he sounded pretty confident that the change would work on the Stamford Bridge: “Chelsea will pay anything to the seven million €, but I think I’ll go there in the end.” Although Benayoun in the last season not always Rafael Benitez was one of the permanent staff, he came up with nine goals in all competitions. And perhaps the coaching change was the decisive factor for the contract extension …

Zanetti: No exchange Mascherano-Cambiasso

The Inter captain Javier Zanetti enjoys well-earned holiday on hold to resume preparation for the forthcoming championship next set July 12 in Appiano Gentile. Argentina, before heading to the Seychelles, spoke about various issues starting from ongoing World Cup in South Africa: “I was surprised by the elimination of Italy in the first round. The World at the moment is balanced even if Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Spain have something more than the others. The heart, however, leads me to cheer for Argentina. ”

Then the conversation moves to Inter, especially on Benitez: “It ‘s an experienced coach who has done well in Liverpool. With him win an-cora. The first goal and the Italian Super Cup: “Those who think that after winning the Champions Trophy snub this is wrong. It ‘the first stage of a season full of successes that we imagine. For this we say that the Italian Super Cup and then the European Super Cup. We intend to start with the foot Jun-am ‘.

We talk about the possible arrival of Mascherano at Inter, Zanetti his compatriot, as we read in the Corriere dello Sport says: “‘intelligent, has a lot of running, retrieve balls and is a very important midfielder for a team … Its value I certainly do not find him. Someone like Javier is important for any team and anyone who wants a companion. ”

To give Mascherano Liverpool probably ask ‘in exchange Cambiasso: “No, do not touch Esteban. Inter can not help but Cambiasso. Can coexist? Have different characteristics and can play happily together. ”

Then on the next opponents in the league said: “Juve has made substantial purchases but Milan must be respected. Allegri is an excellent coach in Cagliari has demonstrated its value and also do well in Milan. And do not forget the Rome took Adrian with a great desire for redemption. “

Reina: I’ll never forget you

It has been a day of strong emotions for Pepe Reina. First, to have the opportunity to return to play with the selection of Spain, beginning like titling the friendly one in front of South Korea. And then, to find out that its equipment, the Liverpool, has terminated the contract of Rafa Benítez, the technician who so good roll has always had with the Spanish doorman.

After the shock in front of the Koreans, Pepe Reina spoke exclusively with Ramon Rahm, and responded to a pair of questions with respect to the exit of Rafa Benítez of the bench Network.

“It is Always sad that things happen thus. Rafa has been always a person who is trusting in me. I only want to be thankful to him by everything what it has done by me. Him desire the best thing”, asserted Reina.

Anyway, the international doorman by Spain discarded that its future in the Liverpool can be seen conditional by the exit of Benítez of the bench.

“That does not change in anything for me. I have I contract by six years with the Liverpool”, concluded the ex- goal of the Villarreal in Spain.

Capello about Gerrard

England manager Fabio Capello is convinced Rafael Benitez’s exit from Liverpool will not affect Steven Gerrard’s focus ahead of the World Cup.

News of the Spaniard’s departure greeted the England players as they touched down in South Africa on Thursday, but Capello insists it will not hinder his preparations.

“Stevie is okay,” said Capello.

“He has his telephone and the media are here. I know that Liverpool have changed their manager but I don’t think it can disturb him.

“It is another thing. We are focused on the World Cup, not club problems.

“We are focused on training every day and that’s it. We have other problems without thinking about this one.”

The England boss also left the door open for Kenny Dalglish to travel to South Africa to discuss the vacant Anfield hot-seat with both Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, but revealed there had been no approach by Liverpool regarding the issue.

“We have to decide about this and what happens, yes or no,” said the England coach.