Benayound extends

The Israeli signed a new contract at Anfield on four years, after romours with Chelsea switch.

According to Israeli media reports, Yossi Benayoun has extended his contract with Liverpool FC for four more years. The 30-year-old played a strong season at Anfield and moved to Chelsea in the interest of itself, but the midfielder apparently decided to remain with the Reds.

Four more years in Liverpool

Chelsea had recently confirmed that Joe Cole will leave the club and not a few had speculated that Benayoun could fill the vacant position, but, as Sport 5 reported that extended his expiring contract in a month in Liverpool at just four years. Here the player had already confirmed the interest from Chelsea, “Ancelotti wants me for the next season and now all depends on Liverpool.”

Change seemed to fix

At that time, he sounded pretty confident that the change would work on the Stamford Bridge: “Chelsea will pay anything to the seven million €, but I think I’ll go there in the end.” Although Benayoun in the last season not always Rafael Benitez was one of the permanent staff, he came up with nine goals in all competitions. And perhaps the coaching change was the decisive factor for the contract extension …

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