Reina: I’ll never forget you

It has been a day of strong emotions for Pepe Reina. First, to have the opportunity to return to play with the selection of Spain, beginning like titling the friendly one in front of South Korea. And then, to find out that its equipment, the Liverpool, has terminated the contract of Rafa Benítez, the technician who so good roll has always had with the Spanish doorman.

After the shock in front of the Koreans, Pepe Reina spoke exclusively with Ramon Rahm, and responded to a pair of questions with respect to the exit of Rafa Benítez of the bench Network.

“It is Always sad that things happen thus. Rafa has been always a person who is trusting in me. I only want to be thankful to him by everything what it has done by me. Him desire the best thing”, asserted Reina.

Anyway, the international doorman by Spain discarded that its future in the Liverpool can be seen conditional by the exit of Benítez of the bench.

“That does not change in anything for me. I have I contract by six years with the Liverpool”, concluded the ex- goal of the Villarreal in Spain.

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