Manchester City-Liverpool 0-0

The crash between the “Citizens” and the “Reds” has been concluded in parity.

All sending back. From always pienissimo “City Of Manchester Stadium” some definitive verdict does not arrive, in a contest where the equilibrium and the fear to mistake have made from masters. The most waited for spareggio Champions between City di Mancini and the Liverpool ends to inviolate nets. Little worthy occasions of famous, contest much muscular one, to case on the shield do not go Mascherano and De Jong, authors of an extraordinary contest. Opaque Gerrard, volenteroso Adebayor, illuminant the little one Adam Johnson, other great detection of oltremanica soccer. Oltretutto, direct contest much good from Bennet, that it pulls outside many cartellini and it contributes not to never innervosire the contest. Of sure good result for the Manchester, than now it has a competitive edge and a game in more, than but much impegnativo has the disadvantage of having a calendar, with the crash directed with the Chelsea di Ancelotti that is incumbent. Of against the Liverpool it still totally remains in race for a place in Champions, vital for the cases and the pride of the Reds.

In field – Mancini, that it must make the accounts with the defections of Tevez, in Argentine, Vieira, disqualified for 3 turns, and Petrov, outside a month for a problem to the ginocchio, is entrusted to a 4-3-3 that knows of 4-5-1, with a tip only, Adebayor, supported from Johnson on the left and Shaun Whright Phillips. To surprise park bench for Tourè, its place the recovered Kompany. always in field De Jong and barry, stakanovisti from at least 4 months, and Zabaleta, pupillo of Mancini. Rafael Benitez lines up usual 4-2-3-1, with Rodriguez, Kuyt and Babel behind Kuyt. Still outside recovered Aquilani, Torres and Benayoun for the park bench.
It is played – First stiff time much mentally and enough soporific one, the squares is studied, tried to take the windward but they do not succeed indeed in impensierire the two defending ends, than in fact for 45 ‘ minuteren the gloves are not soiled. It is the Liverpool to giving the impression, in the first minuteren of the first fraction of game, being more in ball; in 2 Gerrard minuteren, before on punishment from the trequarti, then with a cross from the bottom, it puts disorder in the mancuniana area of rigor, without sortire important effects. The football comes made to turn mostly to centrocampo, without that nobody of the 22 succeeds to arrive in rigor area. Of new Gerrard to the 25 ‘ tiny test with a shooting from outside, also this impulsive one. The Manchester is limited to control and it is entrusted to the ripartenze, with the good vein of johnson making from landlady. to the 30 ‘ Ireland wastes a football confezionatogli from Adebayor after a sciagurato dismissal of the defense of the Liverpool. Second part of the first time contrddistinta from many errors in phase of formulation. The greatest occasion happens on the head of Skrtel, to the 44 ‘, already to sign to the gone one, on corner kick; optimal I detach, but ball to side.

According to time sure more enlivened, with the City that enters more convinced, a lot that it manifactures a super occasion, seppur in fuorigioco, with Ireland that mistakes clamorously in front of Reina. The Liverpool is reorganized and begun to enter in game. Benitez inserts Benayoun and Torres, Mancini answers with Bellamy. Meantime is time for an occasion, perhaps the best one of the contest, for Adebayor, than to the 60 ‘ it engages Reina with a shooting to the flight. The Liverpool answers with a contropiede in which Benayoun comes anticipated in front of Given a most careful Zabaleta. The equilibrium however ago from landladies, and this above all makes the game of City, fort of 1 point in more and than a game to recover, than in fact it is lain down. Still but Adebayor, to horse between the 78 ‘ and the 79 ‘ grazes 2 times the goal, before anticipated from a great participation of Skrtel, then impreciso on a sudden decision from corner kick. in the end Ibrahim and Aquilani enter. In the 5 minuteren of recovery to signal a beautiful gesture of Benayoun, than naivete of Kompany does not fall to earth in area in spite of crowds, and a shooting impulsive of Ibrahim.

The key – Left much tactics, the contained formulation of the two trainers renders the game a lot balanced, and for this the show suffers some. little push on the exteriors, above all from City, in spite of the good performance of Johnson.

Chicca – continuous City to modernize to the imbattibilità record housewife, than hard You open from it them of the slid one, where it was the Fulham to succeed in the enterprise of sbancare Eastland.

Top&Flop: Stratospheric Mascherano and De Jong, giants to centrocampo, always attention and first on every football. optimal left of Zabaleta, like that of the Johnson ferret. volenteroso Adebayor, Most opaque Ireland and Gerrard. The captain of the Liverpool is not successful to record, the Irish is far away the relative of the excellent centrocampista admired in last the 2 seasons.

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