New owners: two asian tycoons in battle

It is one of the richer men of the world (seventh, say statistics) and would be the main candidate to the purchase of the Liverpool. Mukesh Ambani, tycoon Indian owner of one of the greatest oil groups of the world, will have but to exceed the competition of the Sahara group of the compatriot Subrata Roy, magnate of the Indiana communication. Both have been made ahead in order to cover the debit of 237 million pounds of the Liverpool in exchange for the 51 for hundreds of the actions of the club of Merseyside.

It puts into effect them Hicks owners and Gillett refutes the contacts and declares that they will not accept offered they deprive that them of the majority of the quotas, in spite of the strong pressures from atmospheres of the city for a real cession. In this case there would be other interesting, coming offering from Saudi Arabia and the USA, even if the cession of an inferior quota to the 50 for hundreds would allow to only cover a part of the debit of the Liverpool. In any case the future of the leadership of the Reds seems to be abroad.

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