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Aldridge denied Benitez’s waiver request

LONDON – Anglo-Irish legendary striker John Aldridge, former Liverpool and nature of that city, has denied having called for the resignation of coach of that team, the Spanish manager Rafael Benitez.

The comments by former striker, Aldo, demanding the departure of “Mister” Madrid appeared this week in a men’s magazine, though he says now that that story with his alleged statements is “dummy supplement.

“You can say categorically that I have never spoken with Nuts magazine,” says former player on the Liverpool website.

Aldridge says he “never” say something in relation to Benitez, adding that the Spanish coach “is already facing enough pressure and also has a difficult enough job.”

“I never said I should leave. The story is completely fictitious,” he said.

Regarding the current situation in the team, admitted as an amateur network, that “things are not so good” as they would like. “But we are just going through a rough season. That’s all.”