Liverpool FC Attendance 2014/15 season- Analysis LFC Home crowds at Anfield Premier League

How many of the faithful flocked through the gates at Anfield in the 2014/2015 Premiership season? Here’s a little analysis done by that tracks home attendance for all league games at Anfield during the 14/15 season.

Our analysis reveals some truly surprising facts. All attendance figures taken from the games’ respective match reports on BBC. A total of 19 Premier League home games were played at Anfield this season.

Which was Liverpool’s lowest Premier League crowd for 2014/15?

Surprise, surprise- this was against bitter North West rivals Manchester United. A crowd of only 44,405 attended this fixture at Anfield on 22 March, 2015, a fixture LFC lost 2-1

Which was Liverpool’s best Premier League attendance for 2014/2015?

This again comes as a surprise. We’ve already showed that the LFC Man Utd fixture was the lowest, but who was the highest? It wasn’t one of Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City or even Tottenham. That honour belonged to Southampton, who attracted a crowd of 44,736 on the opening day of the season at Anfield.

The closest we came to emulating the Southampton attendance figure was on 29 November, 2014 when 44,735 trooped in to watch Stoke.

However the Gerrard vs Carragher Charity friendly game, played on March 29, was attended by 44,903, more than any Premier League game.

Steven Gerrard’s last game at Anfield, against Crystal Palace, attracted a crowd of 44,673.

22/03/2015Man Utd44405Lost 2-1
27/09/2014Everton44511Drew 1-1
10/02/2015Tottenham 44577Won 3-2
01/03/2015Man City44590Won 2-1
25/10/2014Hull City44591Drew 0-0
13/04/2015Newcastle44611Won 2-0
16/05/2015Crystal Palace44673Lost 1-3
13/09/2014Aston Villa44689Lost 1-0
08/11/2014Chelsea44698Lost 1-2
21/12/2014Arsenal44703Drew 2-2
02/05/2015QPR44707Won 2-1
07/10/2014West Brom44708Won 2-1
29/12/2014Swansea44714Won 4-1
06/12/2014Sunderland44716Drew 0-0
04/03/2015Burnley44717Won 2-0
31/01/2015West Ham44718Won 2-0
01/01/2015Leicester44720Drew 2-2
29/11/2014Stoke44735Drew 0-0
17/08/2014Southampton44736Won 2-1

Any surprising facts?

Matches in general were quite well attended. If you took 44,700 as a median figure, the teams that attracted an attendance of over 44,700 are all “lower” Premier League teams- the likes of QPR, WBA, Swansea, Sunderland, Burnley, West Ham and Stoke all figure on this list. The only “big” or traditional premier League power getting a crowd of over 44,700 was Arsenal, who pulled in 44,703. This was however lower than the crowds for QPR, WBA, Swansea, Sunderland, Burnley, West Ham, Stoke and Southampton.

The “big” games relatively attracted smaller crowds. The Merseyside derby against Everton, which one would usually expect a house full sign for, only got in 44,511, the second worst home attendance at Anfield behind Man Utd. Game against Tottenham and Man City also didn’t do that well, only getting attendances of 44,577 and 44,590 respectively.

Is this a reflection on Rodgers and lack of results?

Not really. The attendances for the games against Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd etc last season, when Liverpool came almighty close to the title before that Gerrard slip, weren’t too different.

In fact, a look at general demand for the club’s tickets on sites like Ticketbis, tell you that the Reds are still very much a popular club despite their recent lack of trophies.

Also, Liverpool’s seating capacity will be further reduced by around 540 seats owing to work on the main stand. This will reduce the stadium’s capacity to less than 44,500 beginning next season (2015/16).

However the work will increase Anfield’s capacity to 53,500 at the beginning of the 2016/17 season.

How do Liverpool do in comparison to other teams

For a crowd capacity of a little over 45,000, Liverpool fill their grounds quite well. However Liverpool fill a lesser % of their home ground than the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham. That percentage is comfortably higher than Everton’s though.

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