Suarez being sued in Italy for biting Chiellini

The Uruguay international is facing a court case in Italy after a national union filed a lawsuit for his “assault” on the Juventus defender

The Codacons, a collection of unions established in Italy to protect the rights of consumers, is attempting to sue Luis Suarez for his “assault” on Giorgio Chiellini.

The Liverpool forward was suspended for nine competitive international fixtures and banned from all football-related activity for four months after being found guilty of biting the defender during Uruguay’s 1-0 win over the Azzurri in the group stages of World Cup 2014.

Italian legislation allows trials into incidents that occurred outside the country if the victim is an Italian citizen and courts in Rome have confirmed that the case has been brought to their attention.

“Now we are waiting to see what the courts decide,” Codacons President Carlo Rienzi told Sport Mediaset.

“If they recognise, as we suggested, a potential crime in Suarez’s behaviour, then they can analyse the video and photographic evidence.”

The case was put forward solely by the Codacons and neither Chiellini nor the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) have played a part in the legal action.

The union has tried to file football-related law suits in the past, including one which called on Serie A to be halted following refereeing errors.

It was claimed by the union that the mistakes resulted in people who had paid to watch the match or have a bet on the game being defrauded.

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