Sympathy for the devil? Suarez deserves only contempt following Fifa ban

The Liverpool star was handed a four-month global suspension from all football activity by Fifa after being found guilty of biting Giorgio Chiellini and he can have no complaints

By Greg Stobart in Brazil

Nobody should have any sympathy for Luis Suarez today.

The four-month ban from all football may appear shocking at first glance, but the Uruguay striker has only himself to blame.

Too many of Suarez’s team-mates and supporters have tried to defend the indefensible since he viciously sunk his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in Natal on Tuesday.

A grown man. Gnawing away at defenders like a rabbit with a carrot.

It is strange, senseless and does not belong on a football pitch. It is the behaviour of animals, not footballers at a World Cup.

Had it been his first offence, Suarez might have got off more lightly. But this was the third time he has bitten an opponent on a football pitch.

In any other circumstances, this would be a unique incident – but Suarez has completed the hat-trick with the same ruthlessness that he slams balls into the Anfield net.

The seven-match ban for biting Otman Bakkal while with Ajax was clearly not enough, nor the 10-game suspension when he did the same to Branislav Ivanovic last year.

Maybe this will finally do the trick in making Suarez realise that there are consequences to his actions, in getting the 27-year-old to finally grow up.

The latest sanction means he will miss nine international matches for Uruguay and 12 Liverpool fixtures – meaning he faces a total ban of 38 matches for the three biting incidents in his career.

Fifa’s disciplinary committee were allowed to take Suarez’s history into account and they had no choice but to come down hard for an act of unprovoked cannibalism.

If there is one thing that could stir world football’s governing body into action, it is being embarrassed on such a grand stage.

Many will suggest that the ban harshly punished Liverpool for a misdemeanour that occurred while Suarez was wearing his national team’s colours. After all, he could still play for Uruguay when suspended at club level in the past.

But Liverpool are paying the price for indulging a player who is simply uncontrollable.

They backed him through the Patrice Evra racism storm in 2011-12 and again when he sunk his teeth into Ivanovic 14 months ago.

The Reds overlooked Suarez’s wild side in favour of the wonderful footballer who scored 31 Premier League goals last season and was rewarded with a £200,000-a-week contract and the PFA and FWA player of the year awards.

They tried to claim that Suarez was a changed man and had been rehabilitated on Merseyside.

We now know that is not the case.

Suarez needs psychological help. There is something deeply disturbing about someone with a compulsion to bite opponents.

This is not the swing of an elbow or a bad tackle in the heat of the moment, there is something deeper at play.

There is a chance that after this summer, Suarez could be Barcelona or Real Madrid’s problem rather than Liverpool’s. Fifa have confirmed that his ban from football activities – which means he cannot even step into a stadium – does not apply to a potential transfer.

Either way, he faces a miserable few months after receiving a record ban for an on-field offence at a World Cup.

And it’s exactly what he deserves.

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