‘Stay proud of Suarez’ – Lugano

The Uruguay skipper has hit back at the sanction handed out to the controversial striker who on Thursday was handed a third ban for biting in his career

Uruguay defender Diego Lugano has told Luis Suarez’s family to “stay proud of him” as the Liverpool striker comes to terms with a four-month global ban from football.

The ruling was handed down by Fifa amid a sea of condemnation after Suarez was found guilty of biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday’s World Cup clash in Natal.

The Uruguay FA have outlined their intention to appeal and Lugano summed up the squad’s feeling of resentment in a statement on his Facebook site.

He wrote: “Indignation, impotence, I think that is what we all feel. We would all like a more just world but that does simply not exist.

“Those who decide will decide, while those that are strong will be strong. They don’t judge us by the same rules. A hug to Luis, who will rise again as he always has done, and especially to his family as families are always the ones that suffer most at these times. Stay proud of him as he deserves it.

“As for the team, we won’t stop. We’ll keep going with humility, union, commitment, recognising our errors and with our heads held high.”

Thursday’s verdict included a nine-match international ban for Suarez, which means he will play no further part in the World Cup and could also miss next year’s Copa America.

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