Suarez on Liverpool exit rumours: ‘It’s more speculation than reality’

The Uruguay international says he is fully focused on the World Cup and insists there is no clause in his contract which allows him a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid

Luis Suarez insists reports linking him with a move away from Liverpool this summer are “more speculation than reality”.

The Uruguay international denies that he has a clause in his contract which would allow him a move to Barcelona or Real Madrid and says he “turns the page” every time he sees a report suggesting he will leave Anfield.

“My head now is focused on the World Cup,” Suarez said at a sponsor’s event for 888 Poker.

“I had a very good season with Liverpool but now I am focused on the World Cup. Everyone knows that there is always too much media speculation.

“You know what the press is like, how they speculate, and you try to not take any notice. I know what I want. My agent tells me what’s there and what’s not. It’s more speculation than reality.”

When asked about a potential clause in his contract, Suarez replied: “No, no, not as far as I am aware. There is no clause that suggests a priority for a specific team.”

Suarez left the pitch in tears following Liverpool’s 3-3 draw at Crystal Palace which allowed Manchester City to tighten their grip at the top of the Premier League and the forward admits his side lacked concentration in the final stages of the title race.

“I was so angry on the inside,” said the 27-year-old.

“A week before we had real hopes of winning the league and after the Palace game, we knew that it had gone. We had lost the chance.

“I felt frustration and rage at the fact that the opportunity had been lost. I covered my face because I was so hurt and frustrated. I preferred people not to see me.

“We did everything we could; every player gave absolutely everything. The key game was against Chelsea. We lacked a little of… not luck, exactly, but a bit of concentration.”

But despite Liverpool narrowly losing out to Manchester City, Suarez praised the club’s “magnificent season”.

“No one imagined that we could win the league,” said Suarez.

“If you had asked us at the start of the season, we would have paid to be in that position. City and Chelsea lost points and we kept on winning.

“In the end it was a pity: we had the opportunity but didn’t take it. But if you look at the previous years, at what Liverpool had done before and at what we did this season, it was a magnificent season.

“When we started the season the target was to finish in the top four. To get back into the Champions League, and to finish second, is a great for us.”

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