Rodgers: Liverpool must maintain class in title bid

In light of the league leader’s involvement in controversial refereeing decisions during the season, their manager has urged his squad to finish first “the right way”

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has urged his team to maintain their “class” as they chase a first ever Premier League title.

The league leaders are two points clear at the top with four Premier League games remaining, but have been included in their fair share of controversial moments during the season.

Most recently, West Ham were awarded an equaliser despite an apparent foul by Andy Carroll on Simon Mignolet, while Luis Suarez was accused of cheating during Sunday;s crucial 3-2 victory over Manchester City.

“We will try to do it in the right way. I take great pride in winning in the most sporting way we can,” Rodgers told reporters.

“If you look at us we are top of the Premier League and we are top of the Fair Play League. We don’t surround referees. We want to win, but it shows you a mark of our behaviour.

“They are the values of this club. It’s a club that has won many trophies in the past but had the humility and the class.”

Rodgers said he believes no team can affect a referee’s decisions, despite a common trend of surrounding match officials, while decisions would even out over a campaign.

“I believe you can’t affect refereeing decisions,” Rodgers said.

“There will be little bits of luck that go for and against you but I like to think as a sporting team and a team that’s trying to work well we’ve got our rewards this year.

“At West Ham, I had a quiet word with the referee on the way out. [Be] calm, get his reasons behind it, and then move on.”

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