Gerrard delights in ’emotional, statement’ Liverpool win

Goals from Raheem Sterling, Martin Skrtel and Philippe Coutinho saw off Manchester City as Brendan Rodgers’ side took a huge step towards a first ever Premier League title

Steven Gerrard has revelled in Liverpool’s “statement” win over Manchester City as the club close in on a first ever Premier League title.

Goals from Raheem Sterling, Martin Skrtel and Philippe Coutinho saw the hosts resist a dogged fightback to take a huge step towards the title on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

“It was emotional but we need to keep calm,” he told Sky Sports.

“There’s still four big games to come. That meant so much. They got back into the game and you fear the worst at that point but I think we showed today we’re going to go to the wire.

“We’re going to go all the way. Nothing’s won yet but that was probably the biggest statement we’ve made so far.

“That was the longest 90 minutes I’ve probably ever played in. I kept flashing back to how long the clock was taking in cup finals and big games I’ve played in before. It felt like the clock was going backwards at some parts of that game.”

But Gerrard is keen to not get carried away with four games of the season still left to play, one of which is against title rival Chelsea, and urged calmness from the rest of the squad.

He continued: “I’m a little bit lost for words at the moment because that is such a big result for us. We’ve got four cup finals left. People said that was the biggest one but I disagree, I think the biggest one now is Norwich.

“We’ll let other people comment on whose it is to lose and who’s in pole position. Nothing’s ours yet. [What did he say in the huddle at the end is] none of your business, I think you know what I said to them players.

“The important thing now is to not get carried away by that result. We need to stay calm, focused and worry about Norwich now. [Can you dare to dream now though?] Not yet.”

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