Suarez motivated by his doubters, says brother

The Uruguayan’s older brother, Paolo, says the 27-year-old likes it when he is written off – and that he is a quiet character that becomes “different” when he enters the pitch

Luis Suarez’s older brother believes the Liverpool striker likes to be written off as it provides him with “great motivation” to succeed.

Suarez has scored 25 goals in 24 Premier League games this season, having also registered 10 assists for the Anfield club, form that has helped Brendan Rodgers’ side to second in the table.

And Suarez’s brother, Paolo, believes the 27-year-old is most motivated by those that doubt him, admitting that he has never met someone “so eager to win.”

“Luis likes when somebody writes him off, it’s a great motivation,” Suarez’s brother told FourFourTwo.

“We all Uruguayans feel that way, actually. Luis has a very quiet character. But when he enters the pitch, he is different.

“I’ve never met someone so eager to win in any situation, no matter if it’s a training session, or a friendly game, the pre-season or post-season. He’s always focused on scoring and winning.”

The Uruguayan also went on to praise his younger brother’s form at Liverpool, suggesting that the club is well suited to Suarez’s needs as a player.

“Luis is playing incredible football at Liverpool. I think the club suits him and equally he suits the club. His team-mates are terrific, too,” he added.

“And he is getting the respect and praise he deserves from the rest of people. He’s been chosen Player of the Month consecutively and Liverpool are also winning crucial games.

“I like the fact that they’re in a very Uruguayan situation. While everybody speaks about Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City, all losing points as soon as they get the lead, the truth is that Liverpool are always there, quite close, playing well, having solid performances, and I think they’ll get the lead when the time is right.”

Liverpool travel to Cardiff City on Saturday afternoon, having won their last five Premier League games in succession.

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