‘He is like a dirty street rat’ – Lee Johnson’s bizarre praise for Suarez

The Oldham boss came up against the Liverpool star in a pre-season friendly four years ago, and has warned his side about the “sharp and horrible” striker

Oldham manager Lee Johnson says Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is like a “dirty street rat” – in the nicest possible way.

Johnson played against the Uruguayan, then at Ajax, in a pre-season friendly for Bristol City in 2009 and knows exactly what his side should expect in the FA Cup clash at Anfield on Sunday.

“He’s like a dirty street rat, and I mean that in the best possible way,” he told reporters.

“He’s sharp and horrible – all that is in admiration for him, because he’s a winner. He has that desire to be better today than he was yesterday.

“I played against Suarez for Bristol City and I failed miserably – he scored. I remember asking, ‘Who was that lad up front?’ He wasn’t well known then. I was like, ‘Who on Earth is that?’

“I was meant to stop the ball up to him but you just can’t. Sometimes players are just too good.

“Having a world-class player like him play against Oldham is the equivalent of me playing in a fans’ game. Someone can say, ‘Mark him,’ but if I move one way, I’ve got a yard.”

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