‘Man Utd need 10 new players to win the title’ – Rodgers

The Liverpool boss believes that if his current squad needs eight new players to capture the Premier league crown then David Moyes will need even more

Brendan Rodgers has fired back at Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United following the Scot’s claims that Liverpool are some way short of winning the Premier League.

Ferguson spoke at length about United’s bitterest rivals in his latest autobiography, criticising the money spent by Kenny Dalglish in his second spell as manager and also claiming that the current squad needs eight new players to stand a chance of winning the title.

But Rodgers believes the Reds are in a better position than United: “That’s probably two short of what they need then.”

The Reds boss also leapt to the defence of Jordan Henderson after Ferguson singled out the midfielder in his book.

As well as inisisting that he would never have spent £20 million on Stewart Downing, Ferguson described Henderson as having an odd gait and running with a straight back which, he contends, will cause the 23-year-old long-term injury problems.

But Rodgers, who also reacted incredulously to Ferguson’s claims that Steven Gerrard was never a “top, top player”, is disappointed with the Scot’s comments.

“I think if Sir Alex ever bumps into Jordan he might want to apologise for that,” the Liverpool boss told reporters.

“The comment surprised me, I have to be honest, coming from someone with such status in the game. Maybe it was meant as flippant but to a young player making his way in the game it could be damaging.

“Every player is different, and every player at this club has had his strengths and weaknesses medically assessed. The statement in terms of Jordan was inappropriate.

“Sir Alex is in a position to say what he likes, and you don’t have to agree with it, but I think there is a sadness to this as it is something that will probably stay with people for a long while.

“I think every football person would have enjoyed his achievements in the game and the legacy he has left, but now people are only going to talk about the comments in the book.

“In a way I can understand some of the comments, when you have been chasing a club as successful as Liverpool you have to find ways to bring them down.

“But this is a club that has class and history and in the modern era is fighting to get back to that level again.

“I don’t really want to give the book any more publicity than it has already had, there’s been enough reaction in the past few days.

“Sir Alex has obviously bided his time and now feels that his retirement is the time to put a few things straight. It is his right to do that, but I won’t be rushing out to buy a copy.”

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