Suarez: Liverpool must listen to me

The striker is looking increasingly likely to move club this summer after again hinting at his desire to join Real Madrid, but he acknowledges his loyalties lie with the Reds

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has called on the club to “listen” to him amid talk of a possible summer exit from Anfield.

The Uruguay international has recently admitted his desire to join Real Madrid, describing it as a “dream”, while revealing he is keen to leave England due to negative press attention.

Suarez, though, has acknowledged his loyalities must lie with his contracted club, Liverpool, but was keen to stress the importance of a player’s wishes.

“First, I have a contract with the club, but if one day I want to sign [for another club], Liverpool will hear the offer, as it does with other players,” he told Marca.

“They must agree with other teams, but the word of the player, in this case mine, is important. If you need a change, you should listen to the player.

“Every player aspires [to be the best] and if you ask a child of eight years they would say one day they would go to Real Madrid or Barcelona.”

Suarez has repeatedly attracted controversy during his time in England, being handed an eight-game ban for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra before a 10-game ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic.

Liverpool fans have supported the striker throughout his spell at Anfield, and Suarez insists he will always care for the club.

“The love I have for Liverpool I will never forget,” he added. “I love the city, the club and the people and everyone is welcome. All I ask is for respect for all the things that have been said.”

Suarez maintains he has been singled out by British media, but accepts there are areas of his on-field behaviour which he could improve on.

“There are moments of importance [in games] and I have lived football in a very particular way since childhood,” he said.

“But I know I can play tricks. Sometimes I protest too much to the referee. I have to take it a bit better.”

Suarez, who is currently in Brazil preparing for the Confederations Cup with Uruguay, joined Liverpool from Ajax in 2011.

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