Liverpool must keep ‘world class’ Suarez, says Fowler

The Reds legend believes that the Uruguyan was the Premier League’s best player last season, and says the club have to do everything to keep him

Ex-Liverpool goalscorer Robbie Fowler is hoping Luis Suarez will be staying at Anfield for a long time, despite the Uruguayan’s desire to leave.

Suarez has been a contentious figure throughout his time in the Premier League, and even though Fowler has condemned some of his previous actions, he believes Liverpool must do everything they can to prevent him from leaving.

The 26-year-old Uruguay international believes he has been “persecuted” by the British press, but Fowler insists his footballing skill heavily outweigh the controversies.

“He’s been on the record numerous times saying he doesn’t help himself,” Fowler said during the British Airways Football Legends Invitational tournament in Barbados.

“Rightly, we should be critical of some of the stuff he does, but let’s look at the footballing side of him.

“I’m not being biased when I say that, for me, he was the Premier League player of last year.”

Suarez has been linked to Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in recent weeks, and says he feels like he has been forced out of the club following the infamous bite of Branislav Ivanovic in April.

But Fowler added: “Any side in the world with Luis Suarez is a better team, so I hope he stays at Liverpool a long time.

“You can understand why he’s linked with many sides over the world, because he is a world-class player.

“If he does go, it’s important that the money is spent wisely and you bring in a good amount of players.”

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