Robert Mugabe labels Suarez ‘highly unprofessional’ after Ivanovic bite

The president of Zimbabwe says football is not like war and had some strong words for the Uruguayan after the controversial incident during Liverpool’s match against Chelsea

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has received some criticism from the most unlikely of sources, as Robert Mugabe, the dictatorial president of Zimbabwe, labelled the Uruguayan “highly unprofessional”.

The remarks come in response to the now-infamous incident at Anfield in April when Suarez appeared to bite Branislav Ivanovic during the Reds’ Premier League fixture against Chelsea.

Mugabe, himself a more than controversial figure, is said to be a Chelsea fan and reserved some strong words for the Uruguayan forward.

“It was highly unprofessional for Luis Suarez to bite Branislav Ivanovic,” the 89-year old said according to the Sunday People. “Sporting events are contests and not declarations of war.

“Contests come at various levels. We have contests here in Zimbabwe like Dynamos versus Highlanders – those are contests at lower levels.

“They must train participants to recognise the reality of sport. Sport is sport – it is not war. But football seems now to have become a biting game. And a professional using his teeth…?”

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