Hooiveld says Suarez’s style could cost him Player of the Year

Southampton’s Dutch defender reveals that his vote for the Players’ Player of the Year award went to the Manchester United striker rather than the controversial Liverpool hot-shot

Jos Hooiveld voted for Robin van Persie as Players’ Player of the Year, and believes that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez’s behaviour could cost him in voting for the prestigious award.

Suarez, currently the Premier League’s top scorer, is competing with Van Persie and Gareth Bale in many people’s thoughts to be named the league’s top talent for the season.

And the Southampton defender believes the Uruguay international’s past misdemeanours, including being banned for racially abusing Patrice Evra, and his spiky nature, make him a less popular choice.

“I can understand why people don’t vote for Suarez as he divides opinion,” Hooiveld told the Daily Mirror.

“I have followed him since he played for my local team, FC Groningen, in Holland. He has developed very well and is a complete player. I enjoy his competitiveness.

“I am not sure what he has to do to be a better player. He does very well. Suarez’s style of playing is not always the nicest. He is always a bit on the edge.”

Hooiveld revealed that his own vote went to Van Persie as Players’ Player of the Year because of his compatriot’s contribution to sending Manchester United to the Premier League summit.

“I voted today for Van Persie – I have not played against Suarez yet,” the 29-year-old revealed.

“Maybe I was a bit chauvinistic, as he [Van Persie] is Dutch. I can’t change the vote, even if Suarez scores a hat-trick.

“They have both done a great job. I think personal preference is key and I think Van Persie has been top so far and is at the top of the league.”

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