Should Luis Suarez have owned up to his handball against Mansfield?

Luis Suarez, Liverpool, 2013

Luis Suárez mete la manito / Getty


Despite initially being named on the bench for Liverpool’s FA Cup clash with Mansfield, Luis Suarez’s brief cameo proved that the striker just cannot keep himself out of the headlines.

The Uruguayan replaced goalscoring debutant Daniel Sturridge with 56 minutes on the clock and, true to recent form, had the ball in the net just moments later.

However, replays clearly showed that the 26-year-old had handled the ball as he bundled beyond Mansfield goalkeeper Alan Marriott before scoring.

Brendan Rodgers, naturally, defended his man, while Mansfield CEO Carolyn Radford claimed the former Ajax forward “stole” the tie.

But, what do you think? Should Suarez have owned up to handling the ball after scoring, or is it the referee’s reponsibility to make the correct call? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below or by tweeting us @GoalUK.

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