‘He is a wonderful professional’ – Rodgers hails Suarez after handball controversy

Luis Suarez, Liverpool, 2013

Luis Suárez mete la manito / Getty

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has called on supporters to “enjoy” Luis Suarez “whilst he is here”, following the striker’s controversial handball against Mansfield Town.

The Uruguay international appeared to use his arm to control the ball in the build-up to winning goal in the 2-1 third-round victory.

However, Rodgers does not want to dwell on Sunday’s possible misdemeanour, instead keen to focus on the professionalism he sees from Suarez on a day-to-day basis.

“He is a wonderful professional. I think in this country we need to enjoy it whilst he is here because he is a brilliant talent,” Rodgers told the Daily Mail.

“He is a good man as well, a good family man, and as a manager, he is someone who wants to come in and work. He wanted to start yesterday’s game, even though he has really been my only striker for the last six months.

“Yesterday was a game he was up for because it was street football for him, he enjoys that type of game. But I can only talk about his talents. I always try to educate the players, with regard to every aspect of their life. As I’ve said, he’s very receptive, and we go forward with him.”

With their progression in the FA Cup confirmed, Liverpool turn their attentions to their Premier League campaign – with trips to Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal lined up over the next three weeks.

Rodgers remains optimistic heading into the games, insisting the team is continually improving under his stewardship.

“They’re tough games, but we’ll be in better condition for those games than we were earlier in the season,” added Rodgers.

“We picked up one point from those three games, even though we played well in two of them. But this is a team that is improving every day, every week, and we’re all really looking forward to the second part of the season.

“Our continuity in our game is getting better, and the more they work with each other the better they become. There is no doubt they are big games and we will look forward to them.”

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