BREAKING NEWS: Manchester City & Liverpool top agents’ fees as Premier League clubs spend combined £77m in past two windows

Manchester City and Liverpool paid more money to agents between 1 October 2011 and 30 September 2012 than any other Premier League club, an official Premier League statement has revealed.

The publication of teams’ expenditure on player agent fees has shown that a total of £77,003,130 was spent during the 12-month period by Premier League clubs.

There were 806 transactions during the period and Manchester City were the highest spenders on agents, accumulating a total expenditure of £10,537,982.

Liverpool spent the second most of any side with £8,600,444, whilst QPR, Tottenham and Chelsea respectively followed in the region of £6.5m.

The lowest spending side, Southampton, spent a meagre £646,106 in comparison during the specified period.

However, Manchester United were one of the lower spending clubs, with a total of £3,681,580, despite their capacity to spend on transfers.

The figures were released following an agreement in June 2008 that clubs would publish their total expenditure of player agents from the 2009/10 season onwards.

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