Rodgers tells Jose Enrique to get forward and help Suarez and Liverpool score more goals

Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has been encouraged by boss Brendan Rodgers to contribute goals and help lone striker Luis Suarez attack at Anfield.

The Spaniard has been given a more attacking left-wing role since the start of the season, grabbing a goal against Wigan and has revealed that Rodgers has told him to get forward more and chip in with his fair share.

“The manager has told Raheem [Sterling] and myself over the last few weeks that we have to help out in the box and score goals,” Enrique told the club’s official website.

“Every team needs to [get bodies in the penalty area]. If you put crosses in, you need people in the box. Otherwise no-one will be there to finish the chance. So I try to arrive as much as I can.

“In every game you see goals like [the one I scored against Wigan] where players are arriving near the goalline and they have just one touch to put the ball in the net.

“You don’t have to score an amazing goal all the time. So I think it’s really important to try and be in those positions and get goals from there.

“If I continue to play in the left-wing position then I am definitely going to try and get more goals because in that position you have to.

“I like playing on the wing because I really like to go and attack, like everyone does. Most people prefer to attack than defend. That’s just normal.”

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