Families of Hillsborough victims to push for new inquest verdicts

The families of the Liverpool fans who perished at Hillsborough Stadium 23 years ago are to seek new inquest verdicts into their deaths, the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG) have announced.

Following the release of the Hillsborough report this week, the original inquest’s verdict that the 96 victims were either dead or brain dead within 15 minutes of the game’s kick off, is to be rejected after it was learned that 41 of the fatalities could have been saved had there been better emergency services.

Additionally, HFSG revealed they would look to seek criminal charges against both the authorities who failed as the disaster unfolded and those who colluded to help stage a cover-up and attempt to smear the Liverpool fans as the causes of the accident in the months and years after.

“We demand a full and immediate investigation into criminal prosecutions that may be brought against all those responsible,” read the statement.

“The families believe that prosecutions must be brought not only against those whose actions caused the distress, injury and loss of life on the day, but also against those who altered the written witness evidence, spread deceitful and hurtful lies and otherwise acted to suppress the truth for the last 23 years.

“Finally, where appropriate, we will apply for civil proceedings to be re-opened where they may have, in the past, been dismissed or settled on a false factual basis. We will also consider launching new claims that may be now brought in light of the report’s revelations.”

President of the HFSG, Trevor Hicks, whose two daughters died at Hillsborough went on to say: “This goes beyond Hillsborough. What happened on Wednesday was a disgrace to the nation, not just the families. This goes across society.”

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