Enrique: Liverpool are aiming to emulate Barcelona

Liverpool defender Jose Enrique believes the team can look replicate the style of play of Spanish giants Barcelona under new manager Brendan Rodgers.

The Reds’ boss received plaudits for leading Swansea to an impressive 11th position in the Premier League table last season while staying true to his passing football philosophy, before switching Wales for Merseyside.

The Northern-Irishman’s former club even earned the nickname ‘Swansealona’ due to their fluid attacking style, and now the left-back thinks the Catalan outfit are a great example for his new side to follow.

“The best team in the world is the best example: Barcelona,” the 26-year-old told ESPN. “You could see against Real Madrid a few days ago, how when they have the ball it is amazing and when they lose it, within three or four seconds they have it back.

“This is the way we try to play. We can’t compare with Barcelona they are different, but we are trying to play like this. We are starting to learn but we are learning well.”

Liverpool have yet to really hit top form under the 39-year-old this season, losing 3-0 to West Brom in their opening game before struggling to overcome Hearts in a Europa League play-off.

However, the Reds were unlucky not to gain all three points at home to reigning champions Manchester City on Sunday, with an individual error from Martin Skrtel handing Carlos Tevez an equaliser.

Enrique insisted that the players need to keep faith in the new system, indicating after time they will successfully adapt into the sort of side that Rodgers is trying to mould.

“I think this is the way we have to play this year,” he added. “Because there is a new manager, we need time, but if we can play like this I think we will get many points. It is like the manager wants.

“He tells us when we lose the ball to press like lions.

“He wants the team, when we have the ball, to try to keep it  but when we don’t have the ball, to do better than when we have it, press and try to take the ball.”

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