Boss: We want more Carraghers

Brendan Rodgers has labelled Jamie Carragher a ‘model professional’ as Bootle’s finest hopes to make his 700th appearance in a red shirt.

Liverpool’s No.23 is in Belarus preparing for the Europa League third round qualifier, first leg tie with FC Gomel tonight, and while the boss is giving nothing away in terms of who will be in his starting XI, he has huge admiration and respect for Carragher.

Rodgers told “He’s a phenomenal character. I’ve watched him from the outside for many years and to play 700 games at a club as prestigious as this is incredible.

“The pressures that come with wearing the shirt at this club are vast and for him it’s a way of life. He’s devoted his life to being a football player. He’s 34 now, so it doesn’t get any easier when you are older, but certainly I’ve been very impressed over the course of the pre-season.

“I saw him when he came off during the Tottenham game after an hour and he still looked very fresh and that’s a great testament not only to the work he is putting in every day but also to how he leads his life away from the field with his preparation.

“He’s a model professional and if we can develop kids here like Jamie Carragher and go on to have a career like him then certainly the club won’t go too far wrong.

“He’s a phenomenal player, an incredible character and one that I’m happy to have by my side.”

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