Daglish potentially aiming to nab Coates

If you’re wondering what’s going on inside the noggin of Kenny Daglish lately, you’ll be pleased to know that at least one of the words floating around in his mind is “signing”. There’s also a name likely kicking around inside his skull, too – Sebastian Coates.

Yes, that’s right – there’s a strong chance that Daglish is aiming to sign Coates to LFC, as sources in Uruguay have confirmed that he’s poised to come over and it’s just a matter of time.

When asked to comment, Daglish said that “the club will announce whatever they’ve got to announce when it’s done and dusted for any player and every player, either in our out… Unless something is done and dusted, we have no right to announce anything and we won’t. So if there’s something about transfers, I think the best place it to come from is the club.”

It’s a shame he’s so tight-lipped, but that seems to be his modus operandi for now, as he then said that “there’s no player I’m going to talk about other than the ones we have here.”

In that case, it’s just a case of playing the waiting game and seeing if Coates does indeed appear at Anfield, dressed in the livery of the Reds. Hopefully he will be, and LFC can look forward to an even stronger side as they continue to play well and will hopefully walk away with some fantastic results this season and those in the future.

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