Torrespool 3:0 Lille

„The Reds “created it and in the quarter final Europes League drew in. With a clarified achievement one could defeat the Frenchmen without large problems. Aforementioned of the duo Gerrard and Torres were clay-indicating the Englishmen and provided fast for clear conditions.

The FC Liverpool qualified itself by a 3:0 victory against the OSC Lille for the quarter final Europes League. In a one-sided portion „the Reds dominated “from the beginning and had with the too hesitant Frenchmen actually never problems.


The hosts selected like used a 4-5-1-System, in order to run not in open measurer. Alberto Aquilani was ill and by Lucas was replaced. Dirk Kuyt turned rechet centre zone position back, because Maxi Rodriguez is not play-entitled. Albert Riera was not even after his public criticism in the cadre. Otherwise everything with the old person and the duo were Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres should it in the offensive again once arrange.

With the Franszosen there was no surprise, because coach Rudi Garcia trusted accurately those eleven players of the first leg. As only genuine point acted Pierre Alain woman, who on the wings by Ludovic Obraniak and Eden Hazard one supported. In the defense defense boss directed aristocracy Rami.


The play began as well as it to expect was, because the FC Liverpool wanted to obtain fast reconciliation. Already in the third minute Ryan Babel, after preliminary work of Lucas, had a good chance, but its attempt went over the box. „The Reds “produced powerfully pressure and the guests had problems into the play to come and could free itself also only with difficulty. In the respected minute calculated Rami Lucas in the Strafraum put. The due eleven-meter sink Gerrard ice cold (9.). Only one minute later proved its class to Torres and left its opponent untouched, but its shot was repelled to the hitting a corner ball. Only the Englishmen and the Frenchman played succeeded hardly somewhat.

The combinations of the FC Liverpool were very obliging. The next chance had Glen Johnson, after a flank of Kuyt, but its shot landed in the arms of Landreau (23.). After 30 minutes Daniel Agger, to a Corner of Gerrard, came to a good head ball possibility, but Lille could clarify on the line. In the 32. Minute gave then by Hazard a sign of life of itself to Lille. The young Belgian let opponents look old its, but with its attempt it failed because of Pepe Reina. Afterwards there were further head ball possibilities by Agger and Torres, but both were not to be sunk in the position the ball in the gate.


Lille played the hosts at the beginning of the second half time of ambitious and tried into the own half to press. However the large chances were missing. On the other side Torres the preliminary decision succeeded. From the defense a long ball came on the Spaniard, who fackelte not for a long time and obtained with a beautiful conclusion the 2:0 (49.). The interior defender duo made thereby no good figure. In the connection it tried Florent Balmont from the distance, but its shot was not a danger. Both teams wanted to after-put, but both crews did not become compellingly dangerous. Mostly always a defense play had a leg between them. Many balls were lost in punishing space proximity and the play river was interrupted in this period always again by Fouls. In the 73. The guests had minute after a standard of Obraniak a good chance. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang spitzelte the ball only completely scarcely over the transverse slat and reconciliation have obtained could, if not even must. On the other side Emiliano Insua of the punishing space border (79.) twisted. Lille invested now more, could however hardly clear gate chances erspielen itself. Shortly before conclusion Kuyt fought for the ball and served Gerrard. Its hammer could be only abgeklatscht by Landreau and Torres stood gold correct and fixed with its second hit the ascent (89.).


As mentions already before, much of the two superstars was, Gerrard with Liverpool and Torres, dependently and both could convince and register themselves into the goal scorer list. With the point duo in form „the Reds is immediately stronger “and can determine also a play. From the guests came too little and one can not expect that the 19-Jährige Hazard of everything can make alone.


The fast guidance hit for Liverpool was very important, because the guests were not yet at all in the play, when Landreau had to get the ball from the net. Similarly importantly also the fast 2:0 was after the page overflow, because thus the moral of the Frenchmen suffered a clear absorber.


Although also its kongenialer partner, Steven Gerrard offered an outstanding achievement, the Spaniard with its double luggage was mainresponsible after the break for the ascent „of the Reds “. The Spaniard, who was injured in this season already often, is an absolute Goalgetter.


Nicola Rizzoli had the happening almost over the entire play time in the grasp. The Italian worked with some decisions somewhat uncertainly, lay however with tricky situations mostly correctly.


Above all Liverpool offered a strong, ambitious conception, which could satisfy at least the own fans. With speed football and a high run readiness one wanted the guests into the own half urge, which succeeded also over far distances. With much body employment one could make the attack efforts of Lille early destroyed and had everything in the grasp. Even if Liverpool offered attractive football, we would have seen gladly more from Lille.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


Of Liverpool it is to be owed to the important players that one drew into the quarter final. In the Castrol of ranking one sees also as important, Gerrard and Torres for „the Reds “is, because the captain is on rank 71 and the Spaniard even on the third place. If both are fit, the crew plays around some better and could be still quite successful in this season.


The FC Liverpool was superior to the OSC Lille in almost all interests and could play its strengths skillfully from the beginning. With achievements like these one counts certainly to the closest favorite circle on the victory Europes League. Additionally one could refuel for the important play on Sunday with Manchester United self-assurance. Lille can itself after separating on the championship concentrated and must try itself again qualify for the European business too.

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