Lille 1:0 Liverpool

The FC Liverpool had to accept the second 0:1 – failure in consequence within the last four days. After there was a defeat on Monday against Wigan in the Prime Minister League, the Reds lost on Thursday in Europes League scarcely against the OSC Lille.

The large winner on Thursday evening is called OSC Lille. The Frenchmen won the eighth final first leg in Europes League against the FC Liverpool with 1:0. Thus Lille created historical, because it was the first time that both crews in the European Cup met one another. Projecting player at the place was that only 19 years old Eden Hazard, which shot also the golden gate.


The Frenchmen had to do without its Stürmer Gervinho, which suffers from knee problems. Besides did not participate Mathieu Debuchy because of fractured ribs. As only nominal point woman began. Liverpool complains against it for weeks about defense problems. With Martin Skrtel and Fabio Aurelio were missing equivalent two players. Daniel Agger could accumulate against it again, exactly the same as Glen Johnson, which began in the back right.


Who had thought before the play, which would hide themselves Frenchmen against the fame-rich FC Liverpool, should already in the first minute of a better one are instructed. Yohan Cabaye shot the ball on the Liverpooler gate, found in Reina however its master. Lille remained in the first minutes the printingfuller team. Particularly the young Eden Hazard knew to please.

In minute it implemented ten against Insua and looked for themselves Agger, the conclusion, its ball went however scarcely beside the posts. Liverpool came the first time after scarcely a half hour dangerously before the opposing gate. Ryan Babel stood freely before Lilles Keeper Landreau, which made itself nation alkene by however long and could still repel.

Liverpool became now clearly better, and had before the break whistle a double chance the guidance. But neither Gerrard with a mad shot nor Torres with an header, could accommodate the ball in the gate. Hazard failed then again because of Reina.


In the 51. Minute became it for the first time in half of two exciting. Lille wetted to the 1:0, but Hazard stood in the offside. Not all domestic fans agreed with the decision of arbitrator Larsen. One minute later would be guessed/advised Lille in response nearly in arrears, Lucas Leiva shot however from promising position at the post past.

After one hour Babel examined then again Landreau, which protected however once more its club arrears. In the 66. Minute would then have rung it almost in the gate of Liverpool. And it was Agger, which wanted to save a dangerous ball and nearly in the own gate met. This action was like that something like a wake-up for the Frenchmen, who became thereafter better and better.

In the 71. Minute of missed Cabaye with a shot from 22 meters still scarcely the box of the Reds, seven minutes before conclusion was refused Hazard an eleven-meter. The young Belgian let itself not impress of it however and met only one minute later to the 1:0. And Lille would have nearly still after-put. Aubameyang met the external post from pointed however only.


Liverpool did today altogether simply too few, and after the 0:1 there was no more returning. With the Englishmen still Keeper Reina was the best one at the place. With the Frenchmen Hazard and Cabaye Bestnoten earned themselves.


Eden Hazard is only 19 years old, but it is impressing, as the midfield player in the play arises. Completely unencumbered and self-confidently he acted against the Reds. Worked to the rear and looked for quite often the conclusion in the offensive. Met to the 1:0.

ARBITRATOR: Claus Bo Larsen – note: 4

The Dane was not appropriate today with all for his decisions correctly. Shortly before conclusion there would have had to be eleven-meter for Lille, Larsen let however further play.


The spectators got a balanced play, with many chances on both sides, to see.

Note: The note scale is enough as with the play note of 1 (work arbeitsverweigerung) to 10 (world class).


Fernando Torres remained against Lille without gate, but into the Castrol of ranking he stands further well there. With 909 points it is third of the total valuation. In its team he is thereby the Top player, otherwise he has only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo before itself. The only nominal storm point of the OSC Lille, woman, is with 512 points reduced on rank 680. Top Stürmer with the Frenchmen is Gervinho, which injures today however was missing (rank 123/684 points).


Bad false start for the FC Liverpool in the round of the last sixteen Europes League. The Englishmen had clearly more figured out. Lille offered however a mad achievement and went at the end earned as a winner from the place.

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