“I believe that Spain, England and Brazil are now superficially” – Benitez

The trainer of the Liverpool, Rafa Benítez, is outstanding that history will not make champion to anybody in South Africa and explained that the important thing is as is arrived at the first encounter from the World-wide one.

The candidates to gain the World-wide one: “One never knows, but I believe that Spain, England and Brazil are now superficially. Although always something of Argentina can also be hoped. The three first selections have sufficient quality in their groups and I believe that they are going to be really good”.

It does not consider that history helps the equipment: “The main thing is how it is arrived at the Glass of the World, not how it is being made now. When one arrives at South Africa the players can be tired or outside form”.

The action of Gerrard in the selection: “It played well. With or without the bracelet he is a good player. I believe that it did also it rather well in the press conference before, giving positive messages. I believe that it did very well”.
After the injury of Owen, it remembers that almost Network is player ‘: “We decided that we had to Fernando Towers and were very contentments with him. Also we had players who could replace it like Babel, Kuyt and Ngog”.

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